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Youth Ministry (completed grades 7-12)

The RCM Youth program is led by a planning committee that is led by Rob Eachus.


This group is committed to the Gospel of Jesus and providing a fun and engaging program for our youth to learn and grow in their faith. Friendships will be created, renewed, and strengthened; relationships will be cemented in small groups.


The youth program is open to students who have completed 7th through 12th grades. Students can expect daily sermons and worship, as well as a variety of activities on and off-campus, that are designed to be exciting and challenging.


Our theme for 2022 is, “Messy Life? Jesus is our broom!” and focuses on James 1:2-5,12. We will learn how we can know that God loves us and recognize his blessings in our lives, even when things don’t seem so great. During small group discussions, we will discover how we can persevere through our trials by relying on our faith in Jesus.  How we can allow Jesus to “sweep” up the mess in our lives and how we can share the joy of God’s love and use the gifts of the Spirit that we have been given to lift up others in his name.

Registration is required to participate: $30 per person for one (1) week/$50 for two (2).  There is a $5 discount for each additional family member in the youth program. 


Youth are invited to “Get Up and Go!” on weekdays at 9:30 a.m. for donuts, chocolate milk, and juice.


The weekday schedule includes:

  •  10:00 am - 11:00 am – morning service: worship, sharing a testimony, scripture study, and small groups

  •  1:30 pm – afternoon activities: outside games, field trips, and more

  •  7:30 pm – evening service: praise and worship (YES), youth evangelist, plus scheduled activities


Questions already?  Well, that’s great! Contact me at or (717) 940-8736


Enjoy the Day!


Rob Eachus “Mr. Rob”

RCM 56 Kids! and Youth Ministry

To register online, click Register Now! To print a registration form and pay at RCM, click here.

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